First National Bank of Pulaski (FNB) "Do Not Call" Policy

First National Bank of Pulaski is committed to honoring the requests of its current and prospective customers. In support of this commitment and pursuant to regulations set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), the Bank’s Board of Directors has adopted the following policy. This policy statement will be provided to our customers upon request.

FNB maintains a record of the name and contact telephone number(s) for consumers who do not wish to be called. If a consumer does not want to receive sales calls from FNB, they may request FNB place their telephone number(s) on the bank’s Do Not Call list. In compliance with federal and state laws, a telephone number will be removed within 30 days from any sales programs currently underway.

  • The request can be in writing or by phone, and must include, at a minimum, any telephone number(s) the consumer is requesting to be placed on the FNB Do Not Call list.
  • A consumer will remain on the FNB Do Not Call list for five years, unless a request is made to have the name and phone number removed.
  • If a telephone number ever changes, a consumer must give FNB the new information for the Do Not Call status to remain in effect.

When FNB solicits prospective customers, we also honor Do Not Call requests on behalf of consumers listed on the National Do Not Call Registry maintained by the Federal Trade Commission and various state agency lists. Many state “Do Not Call” regulations permit companies to contact their own customers even though they are on these Do Not Call lists. Therefore, a customer may be contacted by us even though they are on a state or the national Do Not Call list. If a consumer does not wish to be contacted by FNB even though they are a customer, they still may be placed on the FNB Do Not Call list and the request will be honored.

Being on the FNB Do Not Call list means that a consumer will not receive sales calls by anybody representing FNB. We may still contact a consumer, however, for non-solicitation purposes. This would include things like surveys, billing and other service-related matters.

All employees that engage in outbound telephone solicitation are trained in this policy and are made aware of these procedures before they are allowed to place calls to consumers.

Management reviews the policy with these employees on a regular basis. The methods and procedures in this Do Not Call policy are reviewed by First National Bank on a quarterly basis. If a consumer requests a copy of First National Bank’s Do Not Call policy, a copy will be sent via U.S. mail or electronic mail within 30 days. The Do Not Call policy is also posted on the FNB website.